Men's Reviews

I bought these for my father in law who is in his 80s and faces an incontinence challenge. He loved the feel of the fabric (soft and comfortable) and how it truly felt like a second skin. This pair saved him from what could’ve been a bit messy during a walk around his neighborhood. He highly recommends them and my mother in law is grateful for the work it saved her! The value it brought is priceless. ”

- Everyone is happy!

Women's Reviews

A friend told me about LeakWear Organics and I am so happy I purchased them and gave them a try. I am a woman in her late 50's and experiencing "leakage" when laughing, sneezing and coughing. I was feeling very uncomfortable and embarrassed but was no ready to start wearing "diaper" like underwear. I gave LeakWear Organics a try and I am so happy I did. They fit great, and feel very comfortable. They are just like my regular everyday underwear but with extra protection. These underwear do protect!!! I now feel so much better and can once again laugh, sneeze and cough in public without being worried or embarrassed. I would recommend this product to everyone. I have purchased several pairs and wear them everyday. ”

- love my protective undies!!!

This product was a great solution for an embarrassing problem. Super comfortable but protective! I can leave the house with confidence….I have my life back. Thank you! ”

- Two thumbs up!!

High-quality underwear that prevents leakage. Will be stocking up on these! ”

- Awesome quality

I never would have thought that in my mid-forties I would have incontinence issues. I figured I would give these to try since I am always afraid of "leaking" when I sneeze. sure enough, it does the trick. Going too order more so that I have them as backup when I have my period. Game changer for sure!!! ”

- Life Saver!

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