From the pioneers of the BFF Period Undies comes LeakWear Organics: our undergarments focus on using the best textiles for comfort and sustainability while providing a cost-effective solution to leaks. A blend of ultra-soft bamboo and elastane is used on the body with an organic cotton interior. The company focuses on delivering leakproof protection for those unpredictable moments in life-LeakWear Organics has absorbent features, perfect for urge incontinence experienced by men and women. As one of the first manufacturers of leakproof undergarments, our brands speak for themselves and our private label manufacturing and design team brings other brands to life.

Whatever the cause, leaks happen, and our consumers deserve to have peace of mind. Want to know how you can sell LeakWear Organics?

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Established by GRACE SOOHOO, SIMPLE NECESSIT-EASE INC. is committed to producing comfortable, fashionable garment pieces as convenient solutions to women’s everyday concerns. Marking its entry into the apparel market, the company, fully equipped with its own manufacturing facilities, launched PERIOD UNDIES in 2004. As necessity is the mother of invention, Simple Necessit-Ease Inc. specifically conceived this groundbreaking intimate apparel to provide additional protection for women during the height of their menstrual cycle.

Born in Argentina of Korean descent but raised in New York, Grace SooHoo is from a family of experienced clothing manufacturers. She briefly worked in media production but had always harbored idea of providing a solution to embarrassing leaks from periods. It was at a gathering with girlfriends in the early 1990s when the subject of problems caused by menstruation sparked the idea for Grace. She eventually produced a prototype that ultimately proved adequate, but too thick for her satisfaction. She realized that aside from its primary function, the product had to be comfortable and stylish as well. In time she allowed the project to take a back seat to marriage and children